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Important message for our members 05/20/15



Good afternoon everyone,

So, we have been off from the “norm” lately. We contribute some of this to a few factors. Online brokerages lately have been rejecting orders, NASDAQ has been halting stocks for volume increases to give MM’s time to catch up, summer is here and we simply need to tighten a few things up around here.

If you have been with us for a while you have seen us evolve and make changes in the past, as we always do. That time is upon us again. We are in process of making some changes that I whole heartedly believe will benefit everyone and make our group stronger than ever before.

We are already amongst the top few percent but there is always room for improvement. Going forward as mentioned last week we will no longer feature OTC securities to our small cap brands. We pledge to have more biotech, FDA approval and pharma stocks on fast track (PDUFA) for approval in our profiles.

Another change that is probably overdue is liquidity in some of the micro-cap NASDAQ plays. We have implemented some higher minimum liquidity standards.

Stay tuned for a new watch list later this week. We will be attending a conference in New York next week May 25th through May 30th. We hope to gain some insight on a few new picks while we are there.

Stay tuned
The Team