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eOn Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: EONC) A Very Rare Find with All the Ingredients to be a Big Winner for our Members

All I can say is you have to read this. Thank us later…



Merger with Inventergy, Inc.

Special dividend (Aprroximately .50/share on a $2.41 stock) to shareholders of record as of May 23rd, 2014 (Subject to closing of merger) 

2.8M Shares Outstanding

Huge short position of approximately 455K shares with only 2.8M outstanding


Hold on! There is MORE…

They are paying out about 50 cents to shareholders of record May 23…that is this Friday.

Stock ran from like $1.25 in December to Over $7 in March.


December they announced that Joe Beyers (35 years at HP) was joining the Company and merging in his company, Inventergy. They then announced that he had acquired roughly 500 patents from Panasonic (related to 3G and 4G technology).  He has other patents as well and there should be some interesting announcements and media coverage after the acquisition closes.


Yep…all shareholders that own shares on Friday May 23 (Record Date) are eligible.


Shares started to go up this past Friday. Continuation of that will be a nice V bottom on the chart.


Stock has been in a quiet period.  After the Dividend then the merger closes and then the real fun begins as Invetergy can start announcing all the deals they potentially have cut.


CEO and CHAIRMAN that is coming on board through this merger is a ROCK STAR in this space.


Joe Beyers Chairman & CEO

Inventergy is the fourth IP-centric startup for Joe, after a 34 year career leading IP licensing for Hewlett-Packard. While at HP, he increased the IP income for the company by 20x in just six years. In addition to driving the IP strategy for HP, he reviewed and approved every IP transaction, including patent licensing, technology licensing, brand licensing, standards based licensing and patent sales & acquisitions. 

A corporate veteran with an inventor’s soul, Joe developed operating systems, was the lead inventor of the world’s first single chip 32bit microprocessor and led M&A, technology partnership, and corporate strategy programs for HP. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Illinois. Joe has been featured twice on the cover of IAM Magazine, most recently along with Steve Jobs and 22 others as the “Top people who helped transform the IP industry in the last decade”.


Check out the management and board….all are major players…. heads of industry in this space…people from HP, IBM, MSFT, billion dollar hedge funds…these guys get out and talk up the deals they are in and this one is about to close. Could see  CNBC, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal doing pieces on this company.


Could keep rolling and be up to $4 or more by the record day (this coming Friday)


Set up well here.  Shares have had an overextended pull back and now look to be reversing.


There is roughly 455,000 shares short and like 2.1 million in the float.  My guess is the holders of that float want the dividend and the shorts will want to cover before the record date (as I understand ….if they don’t they have to pay the dividend out)?

See you in profits