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CapRock Research Initiates Analyst Coverage on LiveDeal with $7.15 Price Target

Good day to everyone and a warm welcome to our all of our new members,

LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) Analyst Report can be found at bottom of page. But, before you dive into that allow us to tell you a little about ourselves.

For you newer members, we hope you are feeling the difference here with us as we do our very best to ensure that you receive only quality with us. You will never see a Pink-Sheets listed security profiled in our newsletters. (See our mission statement below)

  • A message from the whole team

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  • Our Mission Statement

Team Message

So far 2015 has been an amazing year. As most of you that have been with us for while have seen, our growth over the last two years has been exponential. Along with a large following of both the analyst reports we issue on behalf of our CFA’s and our newsletter’s following comes a lot of responsibility. We are aware of this and always look forward to being good stewards of your trust and loyalty. We must admit we feel the pressure now and then especially if a pick isn’t going our way. However, make no mistake there are a lot of good people here doing our very best to get you the highest quality and timely information. We have received a lot of compliments and admiration from our competitors and members on how we manage our company as well. We are definitely paving the way.

2015 Profile Updates

January 6th, 2015— Surna, Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) opened around .35/share and by the 9th hit .435/share, for 24% in potential gains that week.

January 20th, 2015— NXT-ID (NASDAQ: NXTD) opened at $2.80/share and hit a high of $3.60/share, for 30% in potential gains within 2 days.

January 28th, 2015— ForceField Energy (NASDAQ: FNRG) opened at $6.51/share and is now trading at $7.11/share for gains of 9% so far.

February 2nd, 2015— CollabRX (NASDAQ: CLRX) opened at $1.02/share and is now trading at $1.92/share for gains of 88% so far.

Trading, investing and taking profits

Looking at the trading activity and differences in our Small-Cap picks versus OTC it does reinforce what we mentioned last fall about the sustainability of gains on listed companies vs. the OTC. Although some OTC’s if the stars are aligned and the right management is in place do very well long term. It seems more traders crave the sustainability of listed securities. A seasoned trader should be able to see the writing on the wall when a stock runs very fast and take some or all profits off the table in anticipation of a pullback. We only cover companies that appear to have both near and long term potential for our members. We do not give buy or sell recommendations at all. That is for each individual member to decide for themselves.

Our Mission Statement

Small Cap Specialists doesn’t push junk or Pink-Sheets.

Even the author of “Penny Stocks for Dummies” admits 95% of pennies are garbage. Small Cap Specialists don’t take silly risks with pink-sheet, or what we see as junk. All Small Cap Specialists companies are excellent but undervalued businesses on track to earn respect from the reputable side of Wall Street.

Small Cap Specialists picks are always stand-and-deliver companies

They’re what we believe to be real businesses with revenues and assets, real people behind them, capable of grasping the HUGE potential ahead of them you’ll never see crazy ideas like gold mine startups in Nigeria or a company changing their name just to be in the latest “Hot” space at Small Cap Specialists.

Small Cap Specialists picks are companies listed on NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges, no pinks at all and rarely a full reporting OTCQB.

Small Cap Specialists keep good company on these blue-chip exchanges– So when you want to take a profit, you won’t wonder where the buyers went. America’s most stable and liquid exchanges set high standards for honest reporting and regular trading.

Small Cap Specialists works the “Street” like a pro

The geniuses at places like Gartner Group and Bain Capital get richer and richer because they thoroughly analyze the business before they take a stake in the stock. Expect the same from us. Small Cap Specialists know that finding great investments means digging deep instead of using simple formulas like chart patterns, following insiders, or scrounging the market for low book values.

Small Cap Specialists never naps on the job

We work very hard to keep you connected to everything our picks are doing, it’s like having your own staff of analysts around to help you stay up to date every week. Once we put a company on your radar, we update you throughout the year on important developments—so you can always feel confident you’re on top of your investment.

Staying ahead of the curve,

The Team

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LIVE Analyst Report Report

Published February 19th, 2015



Great potential here with LIVE for a short squeeze in the near term:


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